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About Herbal Medical Experience Town

A hanbang multicultural space where you can inform the world of the tradition and excellence of Korean medicine and experience it.

Herbal Medical Experience Town

The revitalization of the City of Daegu, which represents the korean herbal,
It was established to promote the excellence of Chinese medicine.
Through a variety of specialized experience programs,
Easy access to Chinese medicine from toddlers to adults
to popularize one shot by providing opportunities
it will play a pivotal role.

The Oriental Medical Experience Town is a 360-year-old
to promote the health of citizens and to lead the development of the local economy.
We will establish ourselves as a space.

Excellence in Korean culture

The history and tradition of the old yeongyeong city are sublimated into a modern harmony,
To promote the excellence of Korean medicine through various experiences and activities
It will become landmark in the city of Daegu.

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